The Best Flooring Options for Virginia Beach Homeowners

Published: 23rd November 2010
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Thinking of replacing your floors and can't decide whether to use wood or carpet flooring? Virginia Beach homeowners have several viable stylish options when it comes to selecting new floor coverings that are sure to increase the value and add unique personalization to their home.

When it's time for new flooring for your home, there are a wide variety of styles and options available to homeowners today. There are many factors that that you may want to consider when choosing the new flooring selection, including style, durability, cost, traffic and even environmental factors. Each homeowner's needs are different and should be taken into consideration when making this important decision. Use of the house and location really do play a significant role in making the best decision for your needs and should be analyzed to make the best educated choice for your flooring needs.

Living on or near the coast poses a variety of unique circumstances and options to consider when selecting new flooring. There will most likely be a great deal of sand being tracked in and the excessive amount of moisture in the coastal air is also something to consider when making your purchase of hardwood flooring or carpet when you live closer to the shore in Virginia Beach.

The best bet for coastal living may be the right mix of carpet and hardwood flooring. Virginia Beach residents may want to take advantage of the comfort of carpet in select rooms with less traffic, like bedrooms and may want to consider the durability of hardwood flooring for the shared and public areas such as the living room, kitchen, hallways and baths.

For the bedrooms, savvy coastal homeowners looking for comfort with a luxurious feel may want to consider a nylon plush style or Frieze carpet flooring. Virginia Beach residents may also choose the increasingly popular sea grass carpet. This stylish carpet adds to the seaside ambiance and is easily cleaned of sand and saltwater from active beachgoers.

Another good option for carpet in Virginia Beach is a short pile commercial carpet. The mass appeal of this carpet choice is easy sand removal and its known durability, which works really well near the beach, especially if you use your home as a vacation rental property.

For the shared and high traffic areas of the house, hardwood floors are the perfect solution for style and durability. Hardwood flooring adds a lot of depth and character to any room and there are a great selection of finishes, textures and board widths to fit any d'cor and budget.

Not only does this option add beauty and warmth to any home, hardwood flooring in Virginia Beach homes will provide a durable, easy to clean, timeless style choice, while adding a coastal nautical feel to the rooms.

New innovations have been made in hardwood flooring over the years and the products have been designed to address detrimental environmental conditions. A wise selection of hardwood flooring in Virginia Beach may be to choose a wood with a lighter tone, to prevent fading from the sun. In addition, there are many variations of new hardwood flooring options that are moisture and scratch resistant that will make this flooring selection a long lasting product and a sound investment as well.

A reputable carpet flooring Virginia Beach company or hardwood flooring Virginia Beach company can recommend the right product choices for your home and assist you in choosing the styles you like while working within your budget. They should also be able to provide you with installation options and answer any other questions you may have about your new flooring materials or installation.
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